May Day of Action

On International Workers Day and Immigrant Rights Day, we recognize and celebrate workers and their right to organize for change. In the last decade, May Day has also become a day to commemorate the resilience and contributions of immigrant workers around the country, to demand a just, functional and humane immigration system. This May Day also marks the first 100 days of Biden’s administration. In the next 100 days, the President and the Congress will decide if they will create the pathway to citizenship for the millions of undocumented people who call this country home. On May Day we will celebrate a national day of action and stand united with undocumented people in this country, essential workers, farmworkers, undocumented youth, DACA and TPS holders. We are committed to fighting until a pathway to citizenship is a reality for the 11 million.

Join an event near you!

Across the country, community organizations will be holding actions to demand a pathway to citizenship, educate our communities on the impact of cruel immigration policies and celebrate May Day! Attend an event and learn more about how you can join our fight for immigration reform.