Call Congress to keep fighting for permanent protections for immigrants

We have strong support, and we won’t take no for an answer. President Biden, Democrats in Congress, and 70% of the American public strongly support immigration reform that creates pathways to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. We refuse to walk away empty-handed. This is the year to translate our society’s consensus into legislative results that transform lives.

Our communities can’t continue to deal with congressional inaction. If we want to protect millions of immigrants from deportation, then we must call on Congress to ensure permanent protections are included in the upcoming reconciliation budget package. 

President Biden has made it clear he wants to follow through on his promise to build a fair, humane, and functional immigration system. We expect Democrats to use every ounce of their power to deliver on their promise of legalization.

Every day of inaction by Congress is dangerous for millions of immigrants and American families who live in constant fear of being broken apart.

Call Congress and tell them to keep their promise of securing permanent protections for immigrants this year.