Tweet Your Support for Immigration TODAY!

Senate Democrats and the White House must use their full power as elected leaders to deliver for immigrant communities. Senate Democrats can and must pass the Build Back Better reconciliation package this year and ensure immigrants are included. We cannot “build back better” without a pathway to citizenship. 

Tweet today to tell your elected officials that a pathway to citizenship must remain a priority in the Build Back Better Act. 

Democrats have the opportunity to make Build Back Better more equitable by including a path to citizenship. Tell them that you’re counting on their leadership to keep their promise and deliver for immigrant communities this year. 

President Biden, Democrats in Congress, and 70% of Americans strongly support creating a pathway to citizenship. This is the year to translate our society’s consensus into legislative results.

It’s time to deliver for immigrants and their families who call this country home. It’s time to make a significant impact by delivering a pathway to citizenship in the Build Back Better Act.

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