For Immediate Release: July 22, 2021

Dreamers, Essential Workers and Immigrant Rights Leaders Meet with Vice President Harris

Earlier this week, We Are Home Action and United We Dream Action also Launched 6 Figure Cable Ad Buy in Support of Citizenship

Washington, DC – Today, Vice President Harris met with a group of immigrant leaders and undocumented young people dedicated to ensuring undocumented immigrants including TPS holders, Dreamers, Farmworkers and essential workers gain a path to citizenship this year.

The We Are Home Action and United We Dream Action also launched a six figure cable ad buy in the Washington, DC market in support of citizenship after a Texas Judge ruled last week against DACA. You can view the ad, “Devastating,” here.

Greisa Martinez Rosas, Executive Director of United We Dream Action, one of the leaders who attended the meeting in the White House, said:

“In today’s meeting with Vice President Harris we reminded her of the urgency of this moment, and what is at stake for millions of undocumented people. Last week’s court ruling on DACA was gut wrenching for millions of families, and tens of thousands of immigrant youth who were waiting on deportation reprieve and a work permit now remain in limbo. This is all happening while there’s massive increases in detentions, deportations and expulsions.

After months of pressure from our people-powered movement, Democrats have included a pathway to citizenship in their budget reconciliation. We made clear the critical role Vice President Harris will play in ensuring that Democrats keep their word and deliver on citizenship this year by casting a historic tie-breaking vote. The reality is that the only way to protect immigrant youth, TPS recipients, farm workers and other essential workers is by passing a pathway to citizenship through reconciliation this year. ”

Bridgette Gomez, Director for the We Are Home campaign said:

“Judge Hanen’s ruling last week added even more urgency to the need to provide a permanent solution to the plight of millions of undocumented immigrants. We say ‘now is the time and this is the year,’ the year to bring relief to millions, to be consistent with our values as a nation of immigrants, and to finally give people the stability they need to live their lives. Our broad coalition of campaign partners welcome the opportunity to meet with Vice President Harris and remind her of the power of this movement and the urgent need to ensure citizenship for young people, TPS holders, essential workers and farmworkers. With her leadership and the president’s, citizenship for millions of our fellow Americans will remain part of the reconciliation package Democrats push through and Harris’ tie-breaking vote secures. The We are Home campaign is committed to making citizenship a reality this year.”

We Are Home is a nationwide campaign to fight for immigrant communities on three fronts: prioritizing and demanding a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants in America; a moratorium and overhaul of interior enforcement; and broad affirmative relief from deportation. We Are Home is co-chaired by Community Change/Community Change Action; National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA)/Care in Action; Service Employees International Union (SEIU); United Farm Workers/UFW Foundation; and United We Dream.