For Immediate Release: October 19, 2021


We Are Home Campaign Commends Sen. Harry Reid For Urging Democrats to Push Forward on Immigration 

Washington, D.C. – According to The Hill, former Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada is urging his Democratic colleagues in Congress to “keep plowing forward” to secure immigration relief in the Build Back Better legislation moving through the House and Senate. He said, ‘If my 2010 reelection to the Senate proved anything, it was that Democrats can fight and win on immigration.”

The We Are Home campaign wholeheartedly agrees with the Senator who famously fought the anti-immigration right to win reelection in 2010 on the strength of the immigration issue, rescuing the majority for Democrats in the Senate which was under assault by the Tea Party. Now, Senator Reid is saying “It makes policy sense and political sense and not just with Latino voters, but also with Americans of all backgrounds.” His full statement, obtained from the Senator by the We Are Home campaign, is pasted below.  

Bridgette Gomez, campaign director for We Are Home, said:  

“Nobody knows immigration, the Senate and American voters better than Senator Harry Reid.  The We Are Home campaign welcomes his powerful voice urging Democrats to push through Republican opposition or procedural obstacles to win on transformative immigration legislation this year. As a long-time champion on the issue, Sen. Reid recognizes both the urgency of acting now to ensure as many people are protected from deportation as possible and that Republicans are not good-faith actors and will try to undermine any progress.  

“The American people are on our side, and Sen. Reid understands this. Now is not the time to slow down, we have an incredible opportunity to ensure that millions of immigrants are protected from deportation and allowed to work and travel freely. Democrats can get that done this year. ” 

Statement by Senator Harry Reid:

Senator Harry Reid Urges Democrats to Act on Immigration, Voters Want Solutions Now

LAS VEGAS, NV—As Democrats in Congress work to find a solution for millions of undocumented individuals, Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid issued the following statement inviting Democrats to keep plowing forward, as the voting public will not take “no” for an answer on immigration. Several polls show voters would blame Democrats as well as Republicans in 2022 if they see no progress on immigration.

“If my 2010 reelection to the Senate proved anything, it was that Democrats can fight and win on immigration. It makes policy sense and political sense and not just with Latino voters, but also with Americans of all backgrounds. However, the operative word is ‘win.’ With Democrats controlling both chambers of Congress and the White House, Americans expect Democrats to deliver this time on sensible immigration policies. 

“By 3-to-1 margins and across party lines, Americans want legal status for immigrants who have worked hard, paid taxes and made their lives in the United States. After decades of waiting to fix this broken immigration system, the voters that rejected Donald Trump’s nativism, and gave power to Democrats, are not going to give us a free pass if all we come back with are procedural excuses.

“I have seen the human and economic consequences of this broken system. The current system rips families apart, destroys otherwise prosperous businesses, and keeps millions of hardworking people fearing deportation. We must fix this. This is the year. The time is now.”


We Are Home is a nationwide campaign fighting to ensure that “we the people” includes all of us. Our mission is to transform America’s inhumane immigration system. We must undo the damage of the last four years and build a new immigration system that is fair, humane, functional, and centered in racial justice, and respects all people, regardless of race, religion, or birthplace. And we must immediately enact legislation that creates a roadmap to citizenship for every immigrant who calls this country home.. We Are Home is co-chaired by Community Change/Community Change Action; National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA)/Care in Action; Service Employees International Union (SEIU); United Farm Workers (UFW), and United We Dream.