For Immediate Release: February 17, 2022

Contact: Yoli Navas at or 561-990-9029

We Are Home Reiterates Demands for
Immediate Action on TPS for Cameroon 

Washington, DC –  In response to deteriorating conditions in Cameroon, We are Home joins dozens of immigrant rights groups in urging the Biden-Harris administration to take urgent and immediate action on Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Cameroonians. 

Just last week, a new Human Rights Watch report was released, documenting that Cameroonians deported from the US were tortured, physically or sexually abused, or assaulted by state agents. 

Guerline Jozef, co-founder and Executive Director of the Haitian Bridge Alliance and Founding Member of the Cameroonian Advocacy Network said:

“The unwillingness to designate Cameroon for temporary protected status (TPS) is another illustration on how the Biden Administration views and treats Black migrants. The designation of TPS for Cameroon is the right and moral thing to do – especially from this administration, which claimed to have a mission to ‘save the soul of America.’ One way the Biden-Harris administration can aim to save the soul of America is to provide protection for Cameroonians who are part of our communities here in the U.S, so that they can have dignified lives. They are vital to our country’s workforce and are currently in dire need of protection.”

Patrice Lawrence, Executive Director of the UndocuBlack Network, Steering Committee Member of the We Are Home campaign said:

“By granting Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Cameroon, The Biden-Harris Administration has an opportunity to advance racial equity for everyone, especially Black people this Black History Month.  We know that the experiences of  our communities dictate that the only way to honor Cameeronians seeking protection, is to use the power available. Secretary Mayorkas has the power to display fairness, compassion and security at this very moment through designating TPS for Cameroon, and he must act. Black immigrant communities reel from deportations daily, those must be stopped and we need reprieve from every source. ”

Bridgette Gomez, Campaign Director of the We Are Home Campaign, said: 

“We are deeply concerned about the delay in action by the Biden-Harris administration to provide Cameroonians with Temporary Protected Status, putting thousands at risk. We ask that the Biden-Harris administration take immediate action and issue TPS for Cameroon, which has already met the statutory qualifications, as conditions worsen. Every day without action puts Black immigrants at risk. There should be no hesitation, the Biden-Harris administration must keep their promise and keep families together while working to dismantle anti-black sentiments within our immigration system. Lives and families are at stake without action.”

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We Are Home​ is a nationwide campaign fighting to ensure that “we the people” includes all of us​. Our mission is to transform America’s inhumane immigration system. We must undo the damage of the last four years and build a new immigration system that is fair, humane, functional, and centered in racial justice, and respects all people, regardless of race, religion, or birthplace. And we must immediately enact legislation that creates a roadmap to citizenship for every immigrant who calls this country home. We Are Home is co-chaired by Community Change/Community Change Action; National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA)/Care in Action; Service Employees International Union (SEIU); United Farm Workers (UFW), and United We Dream.